Managing Your Parking Garage Just Got Easy

No more miscommunications. No more voicemails. No more wasted time.

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GetMeParked is a cloud-based scheduling manager
for parking garages and their monthly customers.

Is your garage still using a whiteboard? Voicemail? These result in inefficient attendants, wasted time, and unhappy customers.
Let us help you move your garage to the 21st century!

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2. We set up the system

Our team will come to your garage to set up the hardware and provide training on the system.

3. Invite all your customers

All that's left is inviting your customers to join GetMeParked with our easy to use invitation system.

Customers schedule their car with two clicks

Attendants don't have to worry about answering the phone or checking voicemails, avoiding wasted time and potential miscommunications.

Customers & employees can also schedule appointments directly from the touch-screen dashboard right in the garage.

Touch Screen at Your Garage

We'll install a 27" touch screen at your garage which will allow you to manage all appointments, contact customers and check in cars.

No more white board, no more markers!

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