Getting Your Car When You Need it

An App based solution to get your car exactly when you need it. Simply login and schedule a pickup! Your garage's appointment list is automatically updated in real-time.

Awesome features for you

All the tools you need to make managing your car a breeze.

Schedule a pickup

Need your car? Book as many pickups as you'd like with the click of a button.

Authorize drivers

Easily authorize family or friends to use your car.

Get Real time updates

Optional email and text notifications keep you up-to-date on your scheduled pickups.

Manage multiple cars

Got more than one car? Different garages? No problem! GetMeParked lets you manage all of your cars in one place.

Be Ready 24/7

GetMeParked is available at any time. No more missed calls or voicemails, just your car when you need it.

Always Easy to use

GetMeParked was designed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use.

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