Managing Your Garage with Ease

GetMeParked is about keeping your garage efficient and your customers happy.

The tools to manage your garage

All the tools you'll need to manage your garage and monthly parkers.

Authorize drivers

Avoid the liability of temporarily authorized drivers. Users authorize drivers directly through the App

Easy to use

GetMeParked was designed to be intuitive and easy for anyone to use, even in a busy parking garage

Clear data

Have a clear view of what's going on in your garage with accurate, real-time data

Real time updates

Simple, one-touch messaging to your customers. Running a few minutes behind? Let them know before they get to the garage.

Check-ins and inventory

Cars are tracked when they are parked, allowing you to maintain a real-time inventory of the cars in your garage at all times

Touch Screen

GetMeParked runs on a dedicated computer and a 27" touch screen installed at your garage

Touch Screen at Your Garage

We'll install a 27" touch screen at your garage which allows you to manage appointments, contact customers and check in cars.

No more white boards, no more markers!

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