Never Miss a Pickup

Garage attendants are crazy busy. They are responsible for taking pickup requests from monthly parkers, handling timing and payments for ad hoc customers, and dealing with Zipcar requests, all while constantly shuffling up to hundreds of cars to avoid gridlock, sometimes in a space barely big enough for a few cars. While GetMeParked helps attendants by eliminating the need for them to take pickup requests from monthly parkers (the requests are automatically added to the dashboard when the customer books it from their pc or smartphone), they still need to stay on top of new appointments added to the board, especially when they are not booked far in advance. So what's the GetMeParked solution? Acknowledgements.

upcoming appointments

Any time a new appointment is made that is within the time frame set by the garage, the 'Acknowledge' button will appear, and once tapped (or 'acknowledged') by the attendant, it will disappear. The button flashes orange and red, so it will easily catch the eye of the attendant, even as he runs around dealing with the organized chaos that is an NYC parking garage. Every garage is different, and some won't feel like they need to acknowledge new appointments, so we made it optional. Each garage can decide whether acknowledgements make sense for them, and if they do, they can decide what they consider 'urgent'. Should acknowledgements be required for any appointment made within an hour of the pickup time? 30 minutes? 2 days? It's up to each garage to decide what works best for them.

garage details

We will continue to work with our attendants and garage managers, listening to their feedback and integrating their suggestions into GetMeParked. Have some feedback for us? Let us know at!

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