Your Car When You Need It

I have been parking in NYC parking garages as a monthly customer for the last 4 years. During that time, I began messing around with web development on the side of my full-time job (as an accountant), and once I felt comfortable with my skills, I started to apply them to the problems and pain points in my everyday life. As a monthly parker, one such annoyance was actually getting my car.

Most garages have a similar setup:

  1. Customer calls garage - maybe they answer the phone
  2. If the garage doesn't answer, Customer leaves a voicemail - maybe the attendant checks the messages, but garages often have one attendant on duty responsible for everything from shuffling cars to answering phone calls and servicing ad-hoc parking customers
  3. If the garage does answer, Customer tells them when they want their car, and the attendant writes it down on a whiteboard hanging in the garage (hopefully)

old whiteboard

So what's the issue?

  • Ignored or missed phone calls, miscommunications and language barriers are frequent occurrences
  • The wrong time (or date) can be written on the whiteboard, leading to customers standing around waiting while the attendant (who may not have been on duty when a different attendant incorrectly recorded the pickup request) digs the buried car out of the back of the garage

Ok, then what's the solution?

  • GetMeParked removes the phone calls and the miscommunications from getting your car
  • Customers schedule pickup requests through our web interface (and eventually through their iOS/Android apps, which are not currently available)

booking on GetMeParked

How does the garage know about the new appointments?

  • Remember the whiteboard? That's gone - we replace it with our touch-screen, real-time, garage dashboard, which automatically reflects all upcoming appointments
  • Appointments are listed chronologically (unlike on the old whiteboard, which listed them in the order they were written), and they are color coded to reflect the urgency of the pickup request (e.g. appointments in the next 15 minutes are yellow, appointments in the next 5 minutes are red)
  • Appointments made within a certain time period (determined by the garage) require attendants to actively "acknowledge" the appointment, which flashes orange and red until the attendant has acknowledged it

booking on GetMeParked

Customers can also make appointments from the garage dashboard without having to log into their own account

Customer booking on GetMeParked touch screen

We're excited to have begun rolling GetMeParked out into garages in NYC! Are you a monthly parker in New York? Are you tired of the missed calls and the whiteboard? Tell your garage manager to give us a call!

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